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Election 2019 (Season 1 Episode 1)

October 17, 2019 (51min)

A Grand Experiment

Kevin Coleman and Kristina Michele host the pilot episode of Bellingham Tonight, brought to you by Barron Heating & AC. Our guests in this first episode are Bellingham Mayoral candidates Seth Fleetwood and April Barker, and Skookum Kids founder Ray Deck III.

Guests appearing in Episode 1

April Barker

Upon graduating from WWU with a master’s degree, I was fortunate to find love, opportunity and acceptance in Bellingham and have made it my home for nearly two decades. I’m continually inspired by the natural beauty of this region; as your elected representative, I have found it my charge to protect that beauty and ensure all have access to it. As a substitute educator in the public schools and an elected official, I am reminded daily of the inequities in our community and that not everyone experiences love, opportunity and acceptance in Bellingham. It’s my deepest commitment and passion to learn from and acknowledge our twisted and gnarled past and how it has informed the policies and land use of today. I’m inspired daily by my own children and youth in our community to “just keep swimming” in the direction of a just, inclusive and sustainable community and, by all means always, “smile and wave.” 

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Seth Fleetwood

Seth is a self-employed lawyer with an established reputation as a purpose-driven advocate for the public interest, with 25 years of service to the community, including two terms on the Bellingham City Council and two terms on the Whatcom County Council. I am committed to the ideal of continual progress and improvement through thoughtful, collaborative and compassionate leadership. I have a proven record of promoting numerous successful initiatives that address critical community issues. I have an ability to assimilate diverse viewpoints and build coalitions that make progress towards a forward-thinking, enlightened city. I am dedicated to achieving an inspired and hopeful vision for Bellingham.

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